Wednesday, 30 September 2015

How to Color Your Hair And Take Care Tips

HOW Hair Color, Hair Care Tips After Coloring. Hair coloring is already a way of life today. For a woman, especially among young people certainly want to always look stylish and keep abreast of the times.
Indonesian woman who used to have black hair color was turned into a blond, brown or burgundy. However, sometimes this would cause damage to the hair.

The damage occurred because of lack of precise care to the hair or hair dye was because the selection is wrong.

Well, to care for colored hair after, there are a number of ways. How do I?

Use hairmask
Hairmask or treatments as well as hair spa you can do to maintain softness and hair health. This treatment would be even better if you do it at least once every two weeks. Choose quality cream is also used for color-treated hair.

Use Shampoo and Conditioner Special
After you give the color to the hair as you wish, it would be nice if you use a special shampoo and conditioner for hair. Shampoo and kondisoner it typically has to maintain the content of colored hair while keeping your hair color so durable and healthy.

Formerly thought Before Smoothing or Perm
Hair generally has a different resistance everyone. There is a strong and healthy hair even though it has repeatedly experienced coloring and smooting / perm, but there are also fragile after colored hair. If your hair is brittle, it would be great if smoothing or curling avoid permanent after doing hair coloring.

Do Frequent Use Hair Dryer
Hair that has been dyed usually tends to be dry or brittle. Then you should avoid the use of heat is kept in the hair. Minimize the use of a hair dryer or vise. If you're not in a hurry, it would be nice if just dry the hair in a natural way.

Hair is a crown for women. Beauty is also supported by the crown. Therefore, do not let your pet broken crown because one treatment after applying pravana hair coloring. Hope it helps ya ladies
Monday, 28 September 2015

Different Cute Hirstyles For Waitress

For waitress, the right hairstyle, it represents a particular challenge. You need to not only find a charming style, they must also be aware of the health problems, hair and food. Pages of this issue, it has part of some of the modern restaurant uniforms are stage, but the server in the traditional restaurant still, you have to compete with these problems. , Looks good both abundance of style, but there are to address the concerns of the modern waitress.

Diferrent Cute Waitress Hirstyles Ideas


This is the old standby for many servers, it is still a viable option. Because it is likely to become a bit mediocre, but some are way to timid by pulling on the upper part of the hair in this style before you dress them in the ponytail ponytail, using a decorative comb and clip you can. Note ponytail and hair should pay the other styles in order to be able to hang freely at the end. Your waitress, working with large tray on top of the shoulder, in many cases, it is not intended, and ponytail on the shell or in the grocery wind. To solve this problem, the server is located, Ponytail not be used on one side of the head side, arranged to carry the trays.

French braid

They look good, but not just to keep the hair from the loose ends and pull out the back of the hair, the French braid, a server and popularity have. French braids are elegant, it can be decorated in the womb by weaving a small clip, pearls and other sparkling hair accessories.

French Twist

This style, pull your hair off your face apart French braid, including that she tied the end, as in the food not maintained to the end, have some of the same advantages. In addition, she listens this style back in the Grace Kelly movie hairstyle you think 50s. It is the case, it is the original charm and beauty have been added to the law, can still be improved by flashy decorated comb with rhinestones, sequins and silk flowers.

Banana Clip

Banana Clip, however, provides the flexibility of the ponytail, people, since only the 1980s, she probably because you have worn, looks a little fancier way for the eye. Hairstyle equipped with a banana clip, you can of curling the hair before you drag them to dress back to the clip.

Basque beret

Waitress "When you open My Computer to, are to draw Basque beret hat and the back of the hair, you are with the advantage that a hair from the chic of the bit + shoulder shown. When worn in these situations, these cute France hats on head worn, it should not be considered as a rather hair cap on the inside of the hat. Pony is styled around the Basque beret to complete the curl and appearance.